This website was created by Ethan Chapman for a 4H Self-Guided Computers project. Its primary purpose is to document and instruct in the creation of a Solidworks file, which ends up as the logo. The blog section was one of the first to be finished, allowing those to be the first posts. After that came the Solidworks, and it was capped off with a Code post containing information about creating the website.

If you want to see some of my other work, go to we3chapmans.com/ethan for a small site I created in elementary school, we3chapmans.com/ethan/4HSite/GymSite for a recent project for online gym I created in around 6 hours, and we3chapmans.com/ethan/4HSite/HistorySite for a History project on The Troubles (A conflict in Northern Ireland) which became my final exam for the year.

Thank you for checking out my website!