Blog Entry #1

This is my first blog post to this site. I have no idea how this will look in the future, if it will be archived, or whatever ends up happening. However, I can try to fill in the major events that have happened before this post.

I took several days to create the "template" page, /resources/templates/4HTemplate.html. It required learning JQuery to animate the sidebar, which uses .animate to move the whole <div> tag sideways upon the button press. The rest of it is HTML to define the basic structure and orginization of the page and CSS to define the visual appearance and positioning of the elements. The CSS is possible the most complicated part, indeed, once the basic CSS and JQuery are done, the rest of the coding is relatively trivial.

Most recently, I created a template page for blog posts, which this is based after.

Posted 4:28pm 6/1/17